Fine Italian craftmanship

Uniesse was founded nearly 30 years ago. The company’s vision of luxurious design, Italian craftsmanship, and advanced engineering still endure in each yacht we build today. Uniesse yachts are highly regarded the world over for their smooth, fuel efficient ride, as well as their uncompromising Italian craftsmanship.

We use only the highest standards of quality marine manufacturing in the world. From vinylester resins, vacuum bagging, and the latest in composite core materials, each are found throughout the hull, stringers, bulk head systems, decks and more. Uniesse is an early adopter of the latest in proven technologies for an unparalleled owner & operator experience. Our craftsmanship rivals only the top echelon of premium yacht builders in the world today. Our legendary hull & interior designs, are all hand crafted in Italy. At Uniesse the craftsmanship that have built our yachts for more than 25 years, one yacht at a time, are in place today.

Uniesse life style
Fred Hudson
Fred Hudson

We owe our legendary designs to American designer, Fred Hudson, a long time partner of high performance boat designer Jim Wynne. Fred's career in the marine industry began with Chris-Craft back in 1960, where he was responsible for the design of their highly successful 38' Commander. It was a first for its time, as the original entry into the fiberglass cruiser market. The boat was considered a "design marvel", and helped propel the global yachting market to what it has become today. Fred's career spanned 50 years, and included work at Hatteras Yachts, Bertram Yacht, and several others. Uniesse' clean lines, efficient hulls, and timeless beauty are all credit to Fred.

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Uniesse marine group

A new era in innovation and service began following the acquisition of the assets of Uniesse Marine S.P.A. by Uniesse Marine Group, LLC of the United States in 2017. Under new American ownership, with an experienced focus on customer service, Uniesse is now positioned to succeed with advanced technology, development of new model designs, and uncompromising hand built Italian quality throughout each yacht.